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Play To Win Podcast

Apr 17, 2019

Michelle Schubnel: R.I.C.H. By Design! Structuring Your Business For Optimal Impact, Freedom & Income


In this episode, Yvonne and Michelle discuss:

  • Living your best life and creating your business to do so.
  • Being a personal trainer for someone’s life.
  • Simplifying your biz structure with the Coach and Grow...

Mar 27, 2019

EP29 Dr. Meg Haworth: Invincible Resilience! Joyful Living By Integrating Intuition.


In this episode, Yvonne and Meg discuss:

  • What trauma is and how it can affect us as a wholistic system.
  • The A.C.E. Study and how we are learning about how our past affects us now.
  • Tuning in to your intuition and emotional release...

Mar 20, 2019

In this episode, Yvonne and Troy discuss:

  • Troy’s 3 Degrees and how those experiences have prepared him for the current work he does.
  • The similarities between being a pilot and an entrepreneur.
  • The power of repetition, repetition, repetition until whatever you are doing for your business is natural to you.
  • Troy’s...

Mar 6, 2019

EP27 Tracy Repchuk: Reach Millions! Scaling Your Passion from Ground Zero.


In this episode, Yvonne and Tracy discuss:

  • Setting rituals and goals every day (or twice a day!)
  • Making your work your play.
  • Mentors give you power to move above your business to find your genius.
  • Tracy’s journey of finding her entrepreneur...

Feb 27, 2019

EP26 Alexander W. Ford: Mission Possible! Empower Genius By Transcending Entitlement.


In this episode, Yvonne and Alexander discuss:

  • Transcending entitlement and employing an all-inclusive tech and online strategy.
  • Being a leader, not just gaining followers.
  • The shift in attention from television and billboards to...